Once again, a horrible story of animal abuse has made the news, but this one thankfully has a happy ending.

As a Phoenix, Ariz. woman drove down a local street, a five-week-old male kitten was thrown from the window of a moving pickup truck right in front of her. The kitten was left for dead near 43rd Avenue and Bell Road, but the woman refused to turn a blind eye.

The good Samaritan stopped and immediately called the Arizona Humane Society (AZ Humane).  She was so concerned with the condition of the kitten that she was unable to catch the offender’s license plate.

Miraculously, the barely one-pound kitten is in great shape with no broken bones or injuries, reports AZ Humane.

Ashleigh Goebel of the AZ Humane said to Fox 10 News , “He’s very lucky to be alive and quite the trooper, that’s for sure.”

ABC15 reports that the unnamed kitten has been placed in the foster home of Haley Wood.  Here the kitten will spend two to four weeks gaining weight and waiting for a forever home.

To find out more information about this kitten or other animals up for adoption in the Phoenix area, visit the Arizona Humane Society’s website.

Image Source: Arizona Humane Society