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From a local, grassroots movement in Massachusetts, GREY2K USA has grown to become the nation’s leading anti-greyhound racing organization.

In 2008, the group was a major force behind a state-wide ban on dog racing in Massachusetts. President Christine Dorchak told the Metro West Daily News that the group has come a long way since their days of protesting outside dog tracks with protest signs. They now focus on a data driven approach to bring hard facts about dog abuse and gambling to state legislators.

“Commercial greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and should end wherever it exists,” said Dorchak, “Although the United States will remain our primary focus, we will now expand our mission to fight for greyhounds across the globe.”

Commercial greyhound tracks are operational in eight countries: Australia, China, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. In the United States, 27 tracks have closed or ended live racing since 2001. Gambling on American dog races has declined for twenty consecutive years.

Now, however, reports of doping and abuse at racetracks in Australia are hitting headlines. Ted Humphries, a vet who blew the whistle on the industry tells ABC News Australia that “the most common way [for cocaine to] be administered is just before the animal starts to race. It would either be administered by a sneaky injection or by wiping the powder on the animal’s mucus membrane or gums.”  This stimulation causes the dogs to run faster and more determinedly, but with harmful side effects. Racing has led to massive over-breeding, which results in up to 17,000 dogs being killed each year.

In a wonderful effort of teamwork, GREY2K USA has already partnered with Animals Australia, Animals Asia and Anima in a campaign to close the only legal dog track in China. Also, the group will soon announce a collaboration with the League Against Cruel Sports to address greyhound racing in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Other strategic allies include the ASPCA, Greyt Exploitations and the Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand.

Visit the GREY2K USA website for tips on how to take action on behalf of these animals.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons