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one green planet

Currently, the state of our planet is fragile. Plastic pollution and climate change are threatening the survival of animals, coral reefs, oceans, and humans. It is important to acknowledge that our actions and lifestyles are harming the planet.

Stéphanie Kilgast, a French mixed media artist, is using her beautiful artwork to spread this very message. Kilgast specializes in sculpture and painting. She uses trash and creates colorful ecosystem on top. She describes it as having a “cheerful post-apocalyptic feel.”

Her inspiration comes from books, ideas, sketches, or the smallest, simple things in nature like the wildflowers in her neighborhood. She uses discarded objects and trash, which helps her recycle her own trash like her food cans and plastic paint bottles.

Kilgast hopes that her artwork touches people to think about “the essential of life, which is biodiversity and nature, and everything that is growing.” She wants people to realize that we are currently destroying it, but that we are capable of changing things. She says, “I hope that people start to be more meaningful in their actions, and rethink how they live.”

It’s a very inspiring way to approach and display art. Her work depicts the beauty of nature via the very things we’re using to destroy it. It is indeed both dire and hopeful.

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