Starting in January of 2022, France will ban the use of plastic packaging on produce items. This is a huge leap for reducing plastic waste as plastic packaging is one of the most wasteful plastic items.

The law includes a list of 30 fruits and vegetables that must be sold without plastic packaging. An estimated 37% of produce is sold in plastic. Thus, this law could prevent more than 1 billion plastic items from going to landfills every year.

The minister of France said, “We use an outrageous amount of single-use plastic in our daily lives. The circular economy law aims at cutting back the use of throwaway plastic and boost its substitution by other materials or reusable and recyclable packaging.”

This ban is a part of a larger scheme that France has planned to reduce their plastic waste. In 2021, they began by banning certain single-use plastics, such as straws and plastic utensils. By 2026, they plan to not have any kind of plastic packaging in produce, replacing it all with cardboard or selling items loose.

The fact that France will ban this kind of plastic is setting an amazing example for the rest of the world by taking plastic pollution seriously and making their country a more eco-friendly place to live.

Sign this petition to demand that U.S. state governments force plastic-producing corporations to pay for the costs they’ve inflicted on our environment!

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