Animal guardians who take the time and energy to have their pets professionally groomed are doting, loving caretakers who want the absolute best for their animal companions. The last thing they should worry about is having their pet beaten and abused at the groomer, but sadly, there is one dog grooming business in Venice, Florida who has been caught on camera doing just that.

A viral video filmed by a former employee at Happy Puppy Pet Spa captures the business owner, Phyllis Lucca, violently manhandling a small dog, picking it up by its neck, choking it, shaking it, slamming it on the counter, and angrily swearing at it. This happened after another small dog left the groomer with a broken jaw and badly bruised body. When confronted with the damning evidence, Lucca shamelessly lied, saying the dog had “fainted” and she was trying to wake it up. However, the video clearly shows the dog she choked was fully awake and conscious during the assault. You can watch the video here, but we warn you, it may be difficult for some to watch.

A petition has been made to make sure a thorough investigation is conducted on Lucca and that justice is served. It is highly unlikely these are the only two incidents of animal abuse that have occurred at this corrupt business that has been open for many years.

Please take a moment to sign the petition to ensure justice for all the dogs who have been abused by Lucca.

A big thanks to whistleblower Briana Brady for risking her job to protect other dogs and speak up against animal cruelty. Sadly, cases of animal cruelty are not uncommon, and it is our duty as animal advocates to report any incident of animal abuse we may witness. Animal abusers are dangerous people and are five times more likely to be violent toward people, giving all the more reason why they are a threat to society and need to be reported.

Please remember to share this with your network so people keep their dogs safe away from the animal abuser at this grooming facility.

Image Source: Pixabay