Beautiful moments can happen even in the worst situations. Time and time again, firefighters have shown their incredible empathy for animals in distress, making for some pretty amazing rescue stories. One of these moments occurred last week when the Polk County Fire Rescue rushed to a home in Mulberry, Florida after receiving a call about a grease fire. When firefighter, John William, entered the house, he was able to get everyone out safely, including Rodney, the family’s pet guinea pig.

Although Rodney did not get burned, he inhaled a lot of smoke and required a mask. Instead of leaving the scene once everyone was out safely, firefighters made a point to stay and help the little fella. 


The crew had never having dealt with such a tiny animal and had to quickly improvise, using a special dog’s mask to help Rodney’s breathing. 

“I have the utmost respect for firefighters in the first place, but to see them care so much for something so small because of what he meant to our family was truly moving,” shared Kristi Waller, Rodney’s caretaker. 

Despite the traumatic event, Waller shared on her Facebook page, that Rodney was doing well. We’re happy the little guy is okay! 




While we fully expect firefighters to come to the help of people in need, the fact that this fire rescue team went above and beyond to make sure this family’s guinea pig was okay is truly commendable. If everyone showed just a fraction of this empathy, we could truly make the world a more loving and  compassionate place.

All Image Source: Daily Mail UK