Great news for all my beer drinking human friends! Guinness announced that they will no longer use fish bladder to filter their traditional stouts, making their world famous beer friendly for vegans and vegetarians! While I’m not really sure why breweries need to use fish bladders to make beer in the first place, I must give Guinness a big round of puppy applause for their decision to break a 257-year-old tradition in favor of a more animal-friendly option. The fact is, back in the 1700s they might have only had fish bladders to help the yeast sediment settle faster – but  now, we have a wealth of synthetic, non-animal options to get the job done just as well.

Now that is something that is truly cheers worthy. So let’s all raise a glass to Guinness and the kind folks at St. James’s Gate Brewery.



P.S. Just because Guinness is now “animal-friendly,” I do not recommend sharing one – or any beer – with your dog! This is a beverage for people and people alone, throw your pups a dog treat instead!

Lead image source: Pete Baker/Flickr