As Green Monsters, we are absolutely stunned by natural images. Whether it is an image of the mountains, a photo of a lamb running through a field, or a shot taken from the depths of the ocean, nature never fails to absolutely floor us.

Armenian photographer, Suren Manvelyan, understands our love for nature completely. As a specialist in macro photography, Manvelyan is able to capture the breath-taking details of the natural world in a way that we would never be able to observe on our own. In his series, “Behance,” Manvelyan captures the beauty of animal eyes. From a distance, eyes are quite captivating, but when you see them up close they are absolutely mesmerizing.


Take a look at some of the wonders Manvelyan has captured. See if you can guess what animals belong to these gorgeous eyes (without reading the names first of course).

Look at the incredible lashes on this black rabbit.

Here we have an Albino Tiger Python.

Now check out the Non-Albino Tiger Python.

A Caiman is a crocodile from South America.

Can you imagine getting this close to a Nylus Crocodile?

Here’s a cool one: the left eye of a Husky…

…the right eye of the same Husky.

Siamese cats are known for their beautiful blue eyes. This is what they look like way up close.

This eye belongs to the Sterlet, a small species of sturgeon that can be found in the Black Sea.

Check out this Blue Crayfish eye…incredible. 

This funny guy belongs to a snail.



All image source: Behance/Suren Manvelyan