As animal lovers, we all wish that we could do everything possible to help animals. For most of us, that means volunteering at an animal shelter or choosing to rescue a dog or cat. But for Lek Chailert, helping animals here and there just wasn’t enough.

Lek grew up in Thailand and after her grandfather was gifted a baby elephant for saving a man’s life, she developed a strong love for these animals. As she grew up, she learned that not everyone felt such a sense of compassion towards these animals and was shocked by the sights she witnessed in the elephant logging industry. Unfortunately, a majority of elephants in Thailand are “working” elephants, privately owned and used for either hauling logs or the tourism industry. Lek refused to accept that this was the only way life should be for these brilliant animals. With a clear resolve and deep passion for these endangered animals, she founded Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary where elephants can safely retire from their past lives.


This incredible woman has helped save the lives of so many elephants and continues to fight every day for their protection. To learn more about Elephant Nature Park and the amazing work they do, check out their website here.