Witnessing an animal get their freedom is one of the most moving experiences ever – especially after they’ve spent their lives in captivity! In this video from Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, we see elephants being released from their chains for the first time in years. After being relegated to a life in a cruel trekking camp, it’s no surprise why these elephants are pretty much jumping for joy.

Across Thailand, elephants are captured from the wild and forced to perform tricks, paint, or carry people on their backs. Despite being highly intelligent and emotional animals, they are forced to serve as entertainment to feed the demands of the popularity of elephant tourism. The cruelty begins with training process, through starvation, fear, and pain and continues throughout their entire lives. For example, elephants like the ones in this video, used in the trekking industry are forced to work all hours of the day and are rarely given breaks.


But now, these adorable ellies will be able to roam freely through the jungle for the first times in their lives!  You can just FEEL their happiness as they rub up against the trees and run about. Goosebumps, anyone?!