Dogs may be the most popular pets and proudly hold the title of “Best Friend,” but, when it comes to rescue pups in need of new homes, they still need a little help and publicity to get a happy life. This time, several dogs got it from Ellie Kemper and Stephen Colbert, who teamed up to help a group of puppies looking for new homes during an episode of “The Late Show.”

The actress and late-night host did everything to “sell” the puppies, who were brought to the studio as part of the recurring segment “Rescue Dog Rescue” where celebrity guests “help find actual rescue dogs a home by telling extremely flattering lies about the puppies.”


The puppies from North Shore Animal League Americ all entered the studio accompanied, of course, by the audience’s “awwws.” Among the group of pups were outstanding individuals such as Callie the Swiss army dog, Burt the reincarnated soul of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Leopold I, and Chloe whose terrific talent lies in biting Nazis! The sales pitches for the doggies might have been a little bit embellished, but one thing is for sure – each is a great little dog with a big heart just waiting for their dream person to give them a forever home.

To get information about the puppies and apply for adoption, visit the Colbert Show’s website.