There is no denying the fact that elephants are incredibly fascinating and intelligent animals. Sadly, because of their intrigue, they’re commonly exploited by the entertainment industry. Mia, the elephant in this video, was forced to perform in a circus for 42 years of her life. While on the surface, circuses might seem like a “fun” time for elephants, in reality, they are anything but.

Circus elephants are typically trained to perform using painful bullhooks and other harmful methods like starvation. In captivity, they’re prone to develop potentially fatal foot conditions from standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time and the majority suffer from zoochosis as a result of the mental stress of being deprived of their natural habitats. We’ve said it more than once, but we will say it again – circuses are no place for elephants.

Thankfully, the sweet ellie in this video doesn’t have to worry about the circus any more thanks to the rescue team at Wildlife SOS. After a lifetime of being coerced into doing tricks and performing before loud crowds, Mia seems perfectly content to enjoy a simple roll in the dirt – something all elephants deserve.

To learn more about Mia and the organization that rescued her, click here.