It is estimated that almost 100 elephants are poached every single day, solely for their ivory tusks. This terribly violent and upsetting practice not only robs adult elephants of their lives, but it leaves hundreds of orphans in its wake. Sometimes these animals are quickly located and given care, other times it can take weeks or even months for people to find the baby.

When the team from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) stumbled upon a baby elephant, now named Wanjala, they instantly deduced that this calf had been without his mother’s milk for quite a while before they arrived. He was visibly weak and extremely emaciated. They were unsure as to whether this elephant had been orphaned due to poaching or was simply abandoned by his herd for being too weak, but they knew they had to take this little guy in if he was to survive. Wanjala now resides at the DSWT sanctuary and has been eating regularly, enjoying the company of the fellow orphaned ellies, and seems in much better spirits than when the DSWT team first saw him.

Nobody is sure how this little guy ended up alone in the dry desert of Kenya, but one thing is for sure, if DSWT hadn’t stepped in, he probably wouldn’t be alive today. To learn more about the amazing work being done at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, click here.