The birth of a new baby is a reason for celebration in any family. Relatives come from far and wide to come meet the new little member of their family. Before the baby can lift their head on their own or speak, they are surrounded by an entire army of loving, protective people who are overjoyed at their mere existence. Coming together for the birth of a baby is an age-old tradition for humans, but as this video shows, it is too for elephants.

The daughter of the matriarch of the OA elephant family in Amboseli National Park has just given birth. Once the matriarch notices her daughter approaching the herd with her new little one, she rushes over to greet them. We imagine she’s saying something like, “He has your ears!” and is already making plans to spoil the stuffing out of her new grandchild.

It’s not long before the rest of the herd comes running over to see the new baby as well. Such a beautiful tradition! Good luck, little elephant!