Thanks to two amazing and compassionate teenagers, not one but two homeless dogs were recently rescued by Hope for Paws. The kids made the life-saving call after they heard dogs crying in a sewer near the L.A. River. They waited with the two Westie mixes until Eldad and Loreta arrived at the location.

The rescuers climbed the wall to the sewer below and managed to gain the pups’ trust with a little bit of food. Loreta was able to place lucky leashes around their necks, and soon the duo was named Winn and Dixie!


After being checked for microchips, Winn and Dixie were treated for fleas, eye infections, and of course, they got a nice, warm bath. These two were so sweet they found a forever home shortly after going into foster care with Wags and Walks. Now, they are so happy, healthy, and loved – talk about going from rags to riches!

As you can see, it is so simple to be a part of these life-saving rescues! Sharing videos like this, making a donation, calling Hope for Paws for an animal in need, or fostering a needy animal can make a tremendous difference. Help save the next life by supporting this incredible rescue. To learn more, click here.