When a group of students found a stray dog wandering around the track at Harlandale High School, they immediately set into action to help this needy pup. The poor dog, who the students named Londyn, was severely dehydrated and malnourished. They did what they could to help the dog by bringing her water, but it was clear that Londyn would need professional help so they contacted Protecting Animals Within San Antonio (PAWS).




Luckily, Harlandale has a PAWS club right on campus and Londyn was able to get attention right away. It was found that poor Londyn was suffering from heartworm, tick-born Ehrlichiosis, and a had a tumor that will need to be treated with chemotherapy. Despite this rather dismal diagnosis, Londyn’s vets believe that she will make a full recovery with proper care.



PAWS has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover Londyn’s medical costs; you can make a donation here. They hope that once she is stable, Londyn will be able to start her search for a forever home.

While Londyn still has a far way to go with her recovery, she is well on her way thanks to the kind students who rescued her. Good luck, Londyn!


All image source: Kens5