Recent flooding in Thailand’s southern region has lead to the destruction of 370,000 households and affected one million people, according to Al Jazeera. The floods were caused by torrential downpours that began on New Year’s day, affecting 10 of the 14 southern provinces, halting businesses, transportation, schools, and leaving over twenty dead in its wake. Understandably, many of the residents had to evacuate their homes, but unfortunately, that meant countless street dogs and cats lost their regular food source when people fled. Luckily, the rescue team from Soi Dog Foundation stepped in to lend a hand.

Thanks to the help of animal lovers who made donations, Soi Dog Foundation is able to distribute food and medical supplies to the affected areas. 

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According to rescuers, flood levels are continuing to rise in the streets. 

These hungry pups were over the moon to finally get some relief.

Even though you may not be in Thailand, you can still help. Soi Dog Foundation is urgently seeking donations so they can continue providing food and medical supplies to the many stray animals. 

We can’t thank you enough, Soi Dog Foundation! 



Please share this post with your friends and family. Any donation amount helps and the dogs and cats will surely thank you if they could!

To learn more about Soi Dog Foundation, visit their official website.

Image Source: Soi Dog Foundation/Facebook