Alright, I know this might sounds a wee bit crazy to most hoomans – but in some parts of the world, people don’t think of dogs like dogs, as in the fluffy loving animals that share their homes, they think of them as food. I am literally wincing just thinking about this. How anyone could look into the eyes of a dog – or ANY animal, really – and not understand that we feel pain, fear, and understand our suffering just as readily as people do just baffles me. Sadly, this is just the reality.

While thinking about the people who purposely cage, abuse, and kill pups for eating makes the fur stick up on the back of my neck … I am also super happy to report that there are some awesome people who are saving dogs from these meanies!

ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project is a spectacularly wonderful organization that works to save dogs and all other animals from some pretty horrific place. They focus mostly on testing labs – but recently, they’ve been helping to combat the dog meat trade too!

In their most recent EPIC victory for the puppehs, ARME announced on Facebook that they rescued 11 dogs from the meat trade!



Nothing makes my tail wag more than this news!

Just look at the happiness and gratitude on that face!

11 Dogs Rescued From the Dog Meat Trade Get the Chance to Learn How to be a Loved, Free Pup!

Freed from their terrible cages and horrifying future, these pups will be flown from China to the U.S. I am so happy these little ones will get to experience all the wonders of running in the park, belly rubs from nice hoomans, and learning to will people to fork over sweet potato treats with just one look! They have so much happiness ahead of them!

My only wish is that one day all doggies will get to experience this same happiness and freedom, but for now, I will welcome these 11 fuzzy faces to the other side. If I could lick the faces of all the people who made this possible I totally would!

To learn more about ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

Image source: ARME/Facebook