If you’re a fan of Instagram sensations, then you’ll love Cinnamon the smiling Shiba Inu. A resident of New York City – where she seems to smile pretty much full time – the 11-year-old darling is featured in snap after snap of enthusiastic joy. One look at her happy expression will have you questioning A) Why is this dog so happy? and B) What should I be doing to guarantee I walk around looking this gleeful at all times?

The answer to the first question might be a result of the fact that Cinnamon has a pair of loving pet parents, Ashley Kroop and Andrew Bua, who dote on her like crazy (again, we must mention, she has her own Instagram account). Diagnosed with both glaucoma and Cushing’s Disease, Cinnamon should be a bit broodier, but her humans contend that she’s contagiously happy pretty much all the time. (It could also have something to do with the fact that panting creates a bit of a smiling appearance, but what fun is that?)


“The amount of attention Cinnamon gets is overwhelming,” Bua told the Daily Mail. “Everyone stops us commenting on her grin.” He goes on to say, “I like to say she looks like a clown because of her big, wide smile.”

The answer to the second question is to check out her adorable Instagram page. It’s kind of impossible not to at least crack a smile in the face of such happiness.

Seriously, how can she be this happy at a vet visit??


Aw, Dad, snuggle time with you is just the best!

Grooming time is a special time. A time to meet the other half of yourself…literally.

“And then, I was like, no YOU sit! Ha!”

ON the bed, UNDER the bed – when you’re this pleased with life, does it really matter where you sleep?

Man, I know he blew up Alderaan, but I just love hanging out with this guy! What he did to the padawans was pretty messed up though.

She looks like she’s posing to be in a shampoo commercial, right?

Nothing beats a little papasan time on the balcony. Life is just too good.

All image source: oversized_shiba/Instagram