Figuring out whether or not a dog is happy is pretty easy to do. When you mention the word “treat” or “walk” immediately their ears perk up and their tails start wagging. There’s really no question; that’s a happy dog.

But like people, not all dogs show that they are happy in the same way. Take Gabby the Dalmatian for example. When her human dad asks her to give him a smile, she looks at him as if to say “not this again!” She’s been asked to “say cheese” in all the family photos and after a long day of chasing squirrels and belly rubs, her smiling muscles are getting sore! But, being the good sport that she is, Gabby puts her best face forward and flashes the pearly whites.


Well, Gabby’s smile might not be for everyone, but in the eyes of her loving family, it’s the most beautiful smile they’ve ever seen!