When the person who filmed this video went whale-watching, his dog got the opportunity of a lifetime: a front row seat to a wild orca show! What we wouldn’t give to trade places with that dog — or rather, what we wouldn’t give to trade places with the human who filmed their handsome canine companion. We must say, the only thing that could make witnessing a pod of orcas in their natural habitat better would be getting to see them with a dog by our side.

This pod was captured on film off the coast of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. The orcas in this video are living as all they should: free, with their pod, and without fear of humans. Seeing happy, healthy animals, even if it’s through a video on the internet, is more breathtaking than anything we could ever witness in a marine park. This pooch knows it — he’s definitely just as captivated by their beauty as we are!