A freediver in Norway had the most incredible experience when a pod of wild orcas hunting herring just happened to swim by him.

In the video, one of the orcas comes within just a few feet of the diver in hot pursuit of a fish. Can you imagine what it must feel like to be so close to an orca in their natural habitat? We’re jealous of this man’s experience but also so grateful that he was able to capture this beautiful footage on camera.


Unfortunately, many human/orca encounters are not as beautiful as this video – mostly because they take place in captive environments like SeaWorld. Seeing the majesty of this wild pod, there is no questioning that this is where they truly belong … not trapped in a tank the size of a fishbowl.

It is up to us to keep these animals wild and free. We can all make a difference by sharing this video and encouraging others to boycott places like SeaWorld that tell us these animals are “better off” in captivity.