Interspecies animal friendships always give us all the feels! This time, we are swooning over Pretzel the kitten and her pal Morty the dog. Just a few weeks ago, a schoolteacher, Kimberly, heard Pretzel’s tiny mews. “I turned around and found her alone, with her eyes stuck shut. I grabbed her and found a beach towel in my car, and stuck her in a box,” Kimberly told Love Meow.

Pretzel, only four weeks old at the time, was dangerously thin. Kimberly took the tiny kitten home and immediately began treatment for her eyes and bottle-fed her around the clock. Perhaps sensing that Pretzel needed a friend, Morty came over to greet the kitten, and the rest is history.


Kimberly was nervous about how Morty was going to react to Pretzel, but the dog gently licked the kitten and soon the two became inseparable.

Boop! “Pretzel definitely thinks Morty is her ‘Mom’. He’s so gentle with her,” Kimberly told Love Meow.


We just can’t with these two!

Pretzel is continuing to thrive, tripling her weight since she was first found, and her BFF Morty is there every step of the way to make sure she is okay!


Pretzel loves to explore her new home, she loves watching birds from the window, and she can proudly fit in a Starbucks cup!

Pretzel + Morty = 4ever!

We are so glad Morty has become Pretzel’s “mom” and we hope the two will have many more happy memories together!

Kitten season is right around the corner and shelters nationwide are about to be inundated with litters of fluffballs. You can help your local animal shelter by fostering a kitten (or two!) while they await their forever homes. This will also help free up space for even more animals. Check out these tips on how to be an awesome pet foster parent to help get you started!

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