The world can be a stressful place for a chihuahua. You wake up in the morning and inspect the yard or look out the window, making sure everything is as it ought to be, when you see that cat from across the way is making himself at home on the porch again. Seriously, what is her deal? She has a perfectly good porch two houses down, the need to swish her tail on yours is just mind boggling.

Naturally, you tell her off, which wakes the baby and earns you a scolding all before 7 am. It’s just gonna be one of those days. Thankfully, there’s time for a sanity check later in the afternoon to shake off the morning stressors and the anxiety the mailman produced when he lingered just a little too long for comfort at the mailbox.

We can practically see the stress waves dissipating from around this guy as he catches up on some current events and allows the tension to leave his cervical vertebrae. Relax well, little buddy. You deserve it.