Wooly, an abandoned dog who lost his foot in a bear trap, is now on the road to recovery thanks to incredible work by the selfless volunteers of Second Chance Rescue NYC.

According to the rescue organization, Wooly was left for dead by his family in Dallas, Texas, more than a year ago and was finally captured in November 2015. Rescuers said he was frozen with fear and in absolutely horrific shape, covered with cuts and wounds in addition to missing his front foot and having an injured back leg that he was forced to drag behind him.


Wooly was found frozen in fear with cuts and scrapes all over his body since he had no way to fend off other dogs or animals while caught in the trap.

Neighbors told rescuers that Wooly had a bear claw trap caught on his foot for weeks until it finally fell off, taking the foot with it. Once Wooly was in the care of Second Chance Rescue, they discovered even more extensive injuries including numerous open wounds on his body.“Due to the bear claw trap attached to his foot, Wooly was never able to fight back when he was attacked by other dogs, wild animals and humans who meant him harm,” Second Chance Rescue said.

“Wooly is still fearful and he is still in pain, but he is improving daily. Every day he becomes a little braver, every day he manages to test his limits just a little bit more. We are behind Wooly every step of the way, no matter how long it takes,” rescuers said.

Wooly is now in foster care in New York and continues to make progress, but it will be a long road to recovery.


Due to his extensive wounds and foot injury, Wooly will need surgery to amputate his leg. Second Chance Rescue NYC has started a crowdfunding page to help pay for the cost of his expenses. You can help by making a donation to the campaign, or by contributing to Second Chance Rescue NYC directly.

All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC