Kismet’s rescue happened perfectly unexpectedly – which makes his name, which means “Fate,” extremely apt. When one of the rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis was driving around the city looking for another dog when she saw something moving by a huge mound of trash on the road. She stopped the car and got out to walk closer to the pile, but she did not see a dog anywhere and started thinking that maybe, whatever she saw moving had already wandered away.

But then she spotted a dog was lying between some garbage bags, curled up in a ball. Lying there quietly with his dark coat, he blended right in with the background of the many discarded and broken things.

The rescuer approached the dog slowly so as not to alarm him and cause him to run away. Upon coming closer, she saw that Kismet was shockingly skinny and it became clear that he needed help. Not only did he not get up to escape at all – he did the exact opposite and laid there without moving, only raising his head when the rescuer was right next to him.

“Then, I could see his hollow, lonely eyes looking back up at me,” she wrote. “He ha[d] that look that told me he had completely given up. He laid his head back down, expecting me to walk away as every other human in his life had done.”

He did not even try to stand up when he had his leash already on – so the rescuer scooped him up in her arms, carried him back to the car, and put him down on some blankets, where he curled right back up. She was determined to prove to him that he is not trash. Now, Kismet is finally safe and taken care of by the rescue, getting all the necessary professional medical help – and lots and lots of love.

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Image source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis