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Dogs will be dogs; they love to play, bark, eat, sleep and poop. Unfortunately, for Medo and his guardian, Anton Simunovic, it turns out that you can be punished for doing just that – being a dog. The duo is facing charges and fines from a Croatian court based on a neighbor’s complaint that Medo’s barking is ruining her health.

“He barks normally, like any dog does,” says Simunovic. “He barks when he sees a cat, or if someone unknown comes to his territory.”



Simunovic’s neighbor is suing him for more than $1,500 in damages to her health. The doggy dad is also facing a $3,160 fine if Medo barks between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. This has forced Simunovic to keep Medo locked in a barn during these hours, to prevent him from making a peep.

The Croatian court has not yet made their final ruling dictating that Simunovic will have to pay the $1,500 to his neighbor; however, Medo is still subject to nighttime noise restrictions and if the court rules in the neighbor’s favor, this will become permanent.

Medo and his dad have received a great deal of Support for their cause on social media. Pet parents from across the European Union have sent in pictures of their furry friends barking.

“I ja lajem za Medo,” which translates to,”I bark for Medo,” is written on many of the pictures posted on Medo’s Facebook page. The page has received over 40,000 followers since the case hit headlines earlier this year.


We have all been frustrated with a neighbor’s noise, but is it really necessary to take the situation to court? We can only hope that this case can be settled in the most amicable way possible and that Medo will be able to spend his nights outside of the barn soon.

To track the proceedings of this case, you can follow Medo on Facebook here.

Image source: Associated Press