After falling in an uncovered, 15-foot well a dog and a pig were doomed. With no way to escape the pair would have suffered immensely before the end. They would have either starved to death or drowned. However, thanks to Animal Rahat, this unlikely duo was saved just in time.

Animal Rahat used a net to carefully pull each of the animals from the well. Starting with the pig and then the dog. You can see the happiness and gratitude on their faces as they feel the firm, dry land under their feet. Neither runs from their rescuers and instead seem to patiently linger around. Both were examined afterward. Surprisingly each yielded a completely clean bill of health and quickly returned home.


Unfortunately, it’s common in India for animals like this dog and pig to fall into these uncovered wells. They are often hard to see until one is immediately upon them. It’s unclear how and when this dog and pig fell into the well. What’s clear, however, is that both were completely terrified.

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