Over 11,000 bears, often Moon bears, are held in cramped cages across China and Vietnam for use in the bile industry.  Kept barely alive for up to thirty years, these bears endure painful bile extractions so that their gallbladder fluid can be used in medicines, cosmetics, and wine. In 1993, Jill Robinson decided this cruel practice needed to end, and she founded Animals Asia to help free these beautiful bears.

Despite how common this cruel practice is across Asia, few people know about it – which is exactly why film director Andrew Telling wanted to educate the greater public about it. Working with Robinson, Telling has created the documentary, “To The Moon and Back,” chronicling Asia’s bile industry and the amazing work Animals Asia has done to save these bears. To date, with Robinson’s leadership, Animals Asia has saved nearly 600 bears and continues to care for nearly 400 bears on their sanctuaries in China and Vietnam!


So far the film has been met with great reviews – most notably gaining the praise of actor and comedian Ricky Gervais, who called this documentary, “A wonderful heart-warming film about a truly inspirational woman.” Gervais is a long-time supporter of Animals Asia’s work – and has even virtually adopted one of their rescued bears, aptly named Derek.

You can see the film yourself by purchasing it from the Animals Asia website – 30 percent of the film’s profits go directly back to Animals Asia. Please help spread the message and educate your friends and family about Moon bears and the bile industry!