The Southern right whale has experienced a lot of pain at the hands of humans. Throughout our sordid history interacting with this species, humans have largely seen the Southern right whale as a source of meat and blubber, and as a result, theses whales were nearly hunted into oblivion. While whaling is no longer considered a prevailing threat to the Southern right whale, ship strikes and pollution remain a common risk to these magnificent beings.

In this video, National Geographic undersea specialist, Justin Hofman has an experience of a lifetime with the beautiful Southern right whale. Diving in the presence of a mother whale and her new born baby calf, Hofman is able to sit on the bottom of the ocean and enjoy the company of this little whale family. Surely being in the actual presence of a creature nearly 10 times your own size is a humbling experience, but even viewing this enormous creature at peace in her ocean home on video proves to be quite wondrous as well.