It’s breathtaking to see an animal in nature — when you’re on a hike, camping, or maybe kitesurfing in the ocean. It’s even more special when you see a baby animal, like a fawn!

You might be so lucky as to catch a glimpse of a baby deer’s first steps or be a part of a fawn rescue that will restore your faith in humanity! But sometimes, fawns need help.


In the video above, watch as a trapped, real-life Bambi gets rescued from between an iron gate by a member of Wildlife Aid, an animal rescue organization in the U.K.

The distressed fawn had been stuck between the gate’s iron bars for the entire day, calling out to its mom, who wasn’t too far away. Luckily, Wildlife Aid came in to release the baby deer from its suffering.

Watch the heartwarming reunion of mom and fawn as they prance off into the sunset!