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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with a goat, you already know they are irresistibly adorable. These little animals are the epitome of happiness and enthusiasm, always seeming to be jumping, playing or doing something else adorable. But not everyone appreciates these animals and sadly, goats are commonly subjected to horrific lives in the meat and dairy industries. In the face of this neglect and abuse, however, there are some inspiring people working to give goats a better life.

Goats of Anarchy, for example, is a non-profit sanctuary whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate baby goats with special needs. No matter the health problem, the goats are in safe hands at Goats of Anarchy. So that’s why it’s no surprise that Goats of Anarchy is stopping at nothing to help two baby goats walk again.

Emma and Josie were born prematurely and their Mom had no milk to provide. The baby goats were unable to stand or walk so they were left laying on their bellies for three weeks. Goats of Anarchy believes that because they were on their bellies with their front legs spread out to the side, their legs started to grow that way. Strangely, they now want to grow backward, so rescuers have created splints to correct this. Having their legs splinted is understandably frustrating for the girls but Goats of Anarchy is giving it their all to make Emma and Josie comfortable!

Even though it’s heartbreaking to watch, we know Emma and Josie are in the best possible care at this sanctuary. 

A Goats of Anarchy supporter kindly donated a boppy baby chair so now Emma and Josie can be propped up while they heal. Look how sweet they are together! 

Josie has been working hard at walking again. Watch her stand for the first time in three weeks. Go Josie, go! 

Emma and Josie have also been busy with their morning exercises. Because their back legs are atrophied, Goats of Anarchy built a swing for the girls to help them get used to using their legs. Good job, ladies!



Thank you, Goats of Anarchy! If you would like to donate toward Emma and Josie’s care, you can do so via PayPal: [email protected] and make a note “for Emma and Josie.” To stay up to date on Emma and Josie and their friends, you can follow Goats of Anarchy on their Facebook page.

Image Source: Goats of Anarchy/Facebook