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Many pet owners assume that their cats have no interest or aptitude for learning tricks, but did they even try? YouTube user kantraxo ikol claims that he taught his little striped kitten how to play fetch in just five minutes, and now he can do it better than most dogs!

This might be the first retrieving kitten we’ve seen on One Green Planet, but we’ve definitely seen cats play the game before. Remember the tuxedo cat Nova who surprised her new adopter by fetching a mouse toy?  So, it can’t be that uncommon.

The kitten in this video appears to be fetching a balled up plastic bag. You can try to teach your cat the same trick by following the instructions in this Instructables how-to guide: get her attention by crinkling up a plastic bag, then ball it up, and rub cat treats or catnip on it for an attractive scent. Throw the bag and offer a reward whenever she brings the bag back to you. (Just make sure to supervise your cat with the bag so she doesn’t try to eat it.)

Image source: Daniele Pieroni/Flickr