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Airports are extremely high-traffic areas, so when Hope for Paws got a call about a dog that was abandoned near the LAX airport, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo headed there immediately.

Airports can be stressful for people, so you can imagine the terror this poor dog was experiencing. With all of the noise and commotion, JoAnn and Lisa couldn’t set a trap and the scared little dog wouldn’t let them come near her. Thankfully, the kind workers at Wally’s Parking showed them the dog’s secret path in their parking garage. It took some time, four days to be exact, but eventually, they were able to safely lure the pup into their humane trap.

After a call with the microchip company Avid, it was confirmed that the dog was indeed abandoned and her caretaker callously stated they no longer wanted her. So, she was given a new name and a new foster home – it was the beginning of a new life for this cutie pie which is why the name Viva fits her perfectly. Now, she is a happy and playful girl living it up in foster care thanks to Foxy and the Hounds.

If you’d like to adopt Viva and give her a new forever home, click here. To donate to Hope for Paws, click here.

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7 comments on “Cruel Person Abandoned Their Dog in the Airport and Refused to Take Her Back When Rescuers Tracked Them Down (VIDEO)”

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5 Months Ago


Marta Suvaco CA.
13 Aug 2018

God bless those caring humans that rescued this poor unfortunate dog dumped by the HORRIBLE uncaring owners that will go to HELL and suffer a painful death.. that they deserve. I cried tears watching the whole rescue...Thank you for showing it .
The owners could have giving her away to someone that would want her, or taken her to a rescue center ...
Since the owners are known they should be fined a hefty fine to be giving to the rescue Shelter!
those disgusting people should be jailed!!!!

5 Months Ago

More pathetic humans on the loose. How people can sleep at night knowing they abandoned a living being is beyond me.

5 Months Ago

Okay AVID has the name, address, and phone number of the "owner". Why don\'t they distribute that to all the rescue organizations AND pet stores around the area, so that these organizations know who they are and won\'t let them adopt any more animals? Makes sense to me. If they would abandon one dog, what would they do to others?

5 Months Ago

Why are there no consequences for this despicable human ? If there was jail time if you abandon a animal like this or a $10 000 fine ,might make people think twice about getting a dog that they clearly don\'t actually want in the first place .This women should go to jail or hit her where it hurts in the pocket !! DISGUSTING ,i hope she gets everything she deserves and more !! If she couldn\'t look after the dog for what ever reason she could have been humane and taken it to a shelter ,to just abandon it shows the kind of waste of space she is !! There should be a register for people like her and she should NEVER be allowed to own an animal again under any circumstances

John Lopez
5 Months Ago

So they know who dumped this dog. Why don\'t they report them and prosecute?

13 Aug 2018

I agree why aren\'t these horrible people getting away with this CRIME...?

Debbie Major
5 Months Ago

When I lived in LA I wrote Hope For Paws and offered to do free photography to help animals become more adoptable and they snubbed me. I refuse to have anything to do with them now.

07 May 2018

It could have just been the person you contacted. I\'m sure they are not all like that. Don\'t be against them, just because one employee was an ass.

John Lopez
07 May 2018

oh please....there are millions of reasons why they could have said no. Grow up and move on. Your ego will survive.

08 May 2018

Oh, get over yourself! Just because YOU were "snubbed" (and I question that), doesn\'t mean that the group is bad. It\'s not about you anyway. It\'s about the animals. Stop thinking about yourself for once.

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