Husband and wife duo Danielle Eden and Rob Scheinberg founded DogTales rescue shelter in King City, Canada after rescuing four stray dogs from their home country, Israel. Their beloved family members inspired the couple to to give homeless animals a second chance at a happy life by opening a facility of their very own.

Since they started the shelter, Danielle and Rob take regular trips back to Israel to help dogs. During their visits, they make a list of about 10-20 dogs in Israeli shelters that are usually the most difficult to find homes for, such as seniors or those with disabilities. In January, Danielle visited a shelter she had never heard of before and what she found shocked her to her core.


More than 250 dogs were crammed into the space fit for a maximum of 70. More than six dogs were in each cage, all fighting over loaves of bread, the only food given to them. With rats everywhere, and terrified dogs all around, the pair realized they couldn’t just choose a few. They all needed desperate help. Instead of making a list of those to save, the pair decided they would rescue them all! Dog Tales bought the entire shelter, taking responsibility for all 250 dogs.

The pair created this video to show the ghastly conditions these animals were forced to live in.

Incredibly, over the past two months, 90 of the rescued pups have been re-homed to loving families within Israel and 25 have made the trip all the way to Canada!

For those that remain in the Israeli shelter, the organization assembled a team to make repairs so the dogs could be comfortable until they can obtain enough space to transport them back to DogTales.


You can help DogTales find homes for these sweet dogs by visiting their website. If you are looking to add a four-legged family member to your home, consider adopting one of these lovable friends! Share this post and encourage others to as well, together we can help these formerly neglected pups get all the love and care they deserve!

All image source: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary