Today is Friday the 13th, but we have some not-so-frightening news to report, Green Monsters! In fact, it’s news that’s cause for celebration!

This week, Connecticut commemoratively signed its bill that will require GMO food products to be labeled. While the bill was approved by voters back in June, CT Governor Dannel P. Malloy  ceremonially signed the bill in a gathering at a local organic café in Fairfield this week.


“Consumers deserve to know what they are eating,” said House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz in a recent statement.  “I’m proud that Connecticut is taking a bold and sensible step to allow families to make informed decisions when purchasing food.”

For the actual legislation to take effect, the state mandates that: “four states (including one state which borders Connecticut) must pass a similar bill.  In addition, any combination of northeastern states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey), with a combined population of at least 20 million people, must approve similar legislation.”

Voters in Maine have already passed a similar bill, but residents in the other neighboring states will need to move to pass bills in the region in order for the law to roll out.

“This is a beginning, and I want to be clear what it is a beginning of,” Malloy as he signed. “It is a national movement that will requiring (food) labeling.”


While this signing doesn’t mean we’ll immediately see labels on Connecticut GMO foods, it’s a movement in the right direction. Now, all we have to do is rally the surrounding states in order to get the printing machines started! If you live in the neighboring states and want to help, consider locating your local GMO-free chapter (or starting one if doesn’t yet exist).  Despite all of the opposition by Big Food, we can see this movement into reality if we band together and raise awareness about the need for GMO labeling.