Have you ever heard of an Undulatus Asperatus? No? Well, you’re in for a treat. To most of us common folk, this term might as well be a name for an alien life-form – but, no need to fret, it is just a term for a cloud! Alright, so it might not look so harmless. This grouping of clouds is rather breathtaking; on first glance you might think you were gazing over the top of the ocean in the middle of a rough storm.

However, these clouds have been noted to follow thunderstorms. Although they look like the beginnings of a massive brewing storm, they typically dissipate rather quickly.

Is It a Cloud or a Wave? Nature is Breathtaking!


The Undulatus Asperatus is the newest cloud type, officially gaining its name in 2009. This is not to say that these wave-like clouds did not exist before 2009, they just were not titled until this time. These unusual clouds have been affectionately called “Jacques Cousteau clouds,” for their resemblance to roiled seas.

Once you start watching these natural beauties, it is a bit difficult to look away. Goodness, we just love nature!