Have you ever looked up at a sky filled with soft, fluffy clouds and noticed that one of them looks exactly like a roaring lion or playful mouse? You can say yes, it’s actually perfectly normal! Pareidolia is the phenomenon of looking at an object and seeing recognizable patterns or shapes in the random texture variations that objects possess. Like seeing your great aunt Dorothy’s face in your morning toast or, in the case of just about all people on the planet, images in the clouds above.

Award winning copywriter and designer Martín Feijoó is quite familiar with the experience of pareidolia. As a child he was told, “Clouds’ shapes were created by expert balloon twister clowns who live in the sky, so that they can keep entertaining children.”

Now an adult, he’s continued to look up and ponder what he sees, which inspired the creation of his Shaping Clouds project. Feijoó takes pictures of clouds and then sketches the first thing that comes to mind when he views the image, giving life to some pretty inventive and detailed animals along the way! Proving that there are no limits to human imagination, Feijoó’s work inspires us to keep looking at the wonder of the world all around us.


The majestic Cloud Crocodile species is quite rare. Unfortunately, other species of crocs are getting that designation too as poachers target these creatures for their skin. Remember, in fashion and in life, cruelty-free is the way  to be! 


Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a fish! It’s a…bird/fish hybrid? Would that be called a Fird? It’s like the Brangelina of cloud animals! This animal’s motto – if he were, you know, real – would be “If you can dream it, you can be it.”

If turtles knew how to box, would they still be facing endangerment due to poaching, pollution and habitat loss? Probably, but wouldn’t it be great if they could go all Timothy Bradley on people who try to exploit them? That would be so awesome. 

We like to think this dog is a tough talking rescue, standing up for pups in need and spreading the word about adopting instead of shopping. He could say things like, “Do you smell what the Rock is digging up in the backyard?”

The platypus is unlike the bird/fish above in that, though it’s a cross between a duck, a beaver and an otter, this animal actually exists. Also, fun fact of the day, platypuses are one of only two mammals that lay eggs. So weird and so cool!

Fashionably dressed in a faux fur Ushanka hat, this is a much more lighthearted picture than a chicken in a factory farm. We’d like to split some Russian Tea Time cookies with her and talk about her life as a cloud.

Thankfully, this duck can take to the skies without fear of hunters. Wouldn’t it be sweet if real ducks had the same freedom as cloud ducks?

Yes, we know, dinosaurs are extinct. But, how cool is this guy?! Hopefully we can save other animals from this fate so that their presence here on earth isn’t as ephemeral as a cloud in the sky.

All image credit: Martín Feijoó/tumblr