A rogue feline wanted for eight counts of being criminally adorable has surrendered himself to the New York Police Department. This hardened cuddle bandit was promptly booked by on-duty officers and sent to lock up at the Washington Heights precinct. From our estimates, his sentence will likely be house arrest in a loving forever home.

Yup, that’s the face of a felon. 



Alright, alright, we’re only joking, but a cat really did wander into the Washington Heights precinct and seemingly “surrendered” himself.

The cat, who officers named “Frankie,” appeared lost and did not have a collar or ID tags. Frankie seemed to be someone’s pet due to his friendly demeanor and clean appearance. 


The precinct posted photos of Frankie, but no one came to claim him so officers arranged to have him transferred to the Adore-a-Bullies Paws and Claws shelter. 


“Everybody loved him. We didn’t want to see him go,” said officer DiNella. But Adore-a-Bullies promised to find Frankie a forever home, so off he went.


To follow Frankie’s progress or apply to adopt this handsome devil, like the Adore-a-Bullies Facebook page.

All in-text images: Adore-a-Bullies/Facebook