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Cats do the darndest things. When they’re not standing on their two legs, they’re imitating dogs, and when they’re not doing that, they’re pulling pranks on their furry siblings. In short, cats are pretty strange, and it’s one of the many reasons we love them. Just recently, an Imgur user uploaded a set of pictures of Keys, the cat who keeps putting her paws up in the air . . . for no apparent reason.

We know what you’re thinking – Keys is asking for food, or is in pain, or is in trouble. And while normally, we would jump to the very same conclusions, this cat seems to put her paws up in the air in all sorts of different situations. Inside, outside, alone, with people, on chairs, on floors … basically everywhere in and around her home. With no way of knowing exactly why this kitty feels the need to throw her paws in the air, we’ve decided to start speculating ourselves… let us know if you agree with any of these hypotheses.

Maybe she just stubbed her paw against the corner of the table and this is the only way she knows how to express how annoyed she is… (we hate when that happens too). 

…They caught her right in the middle of a zumba sesh? 

She could be playing cops and robbers with her imaginary kitty friend. 

Maybe this is her way of letting her guardians know she’s had it “up to here” with their interruptions.

Or perhaps she’s practicing her frightened face for Halloween…

…or maybe she’s just trying to be “like a tree” like her yoga teacher told her to.

Here, she’s clearly just getting a gooooood stretch. 

Yah know… just waiting for a bird to come by and high-five her.

Or maybe she knew that if she did this long enough, her guardians would make her famous on the Internet. That smart kitty! 



Only time will tell whether we will ever find out what this cat is really thinking, but one thing is for sure she’s entertaining the stuffing out of us! Keys is the perfect example of the awesome entertainment you’re in store for when you welcome a companion animal into your home. That’s a great reason to adopt (and not shop), in our book!

All image source: DrunkAzSkunk/Imgur