In early November of 2015, a young cat found outside of a laundry room was brought to Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter located in Denver, Colorado. The fluffy white cat’s ears, face, tail, and all four paws, were covered in burns. Vets were able to determine that the 10-month-old the cat, named Phoenix by the shelter, had likely received these injuries from hiding underneath a dryer in order to keep warm. Of the 70 million homeless pets living in the United States, Phoenix is very lucky to have been found and brought somewhere where she could receive medical treatment. She’s even luckier to have found a forever home with a kindred spirit: a woman named Gloria, a fellow burn survivor, who adopted her and gave her a new name, Rosebud.

Shelter veterinarians reconstructed what they could of Rosebud’s burned skin and then wrapped her burned paws so that they could heal.

Rosebud spent two months in a foster home where she could safely recover from both her physical and emotional trauma.

If this kitty hadn’t been found and brought to Dumb Friends League, then it’s likely that her wounds would have become infected and she may not have been as lucky as she is today. 

Then, Rosebud met Gloria, a woman who was also a burn survivor.  The fluffy kitty spent the entire visit curled up in Gloria’s lap, purring contently.

As fitting of a name as “Phoenix” was for the kitty who almost literally rose from the ashes, Gloria says that she named her new feline companion “Rosebud” after how her ears looked like pink rose petals. 

It’s a happy ending for this unique-looking kitty who was found covered in burns. Gloria and Rosebud were meant to be together!




The fact that Rosebud and Gloria found each other is nothing short of amazing and it’s because Gloria chose to open her home to a shelter cat. Many cats in shelters, like Rosebud, start life on the streets, without access to food or a safe, warm place that they can call home. If you’re thinking of welcoming a pet into your home, check out these great reasons why you should always adopt and never shop.

All image source: Dumb Friends League/Facebook