If you are a dog guardian, you know that when you are upset, little compare to a good hug from your furry best friend. In many ways, our dogs are as comforting to us as our human best friends, if not more sometimes because your dog will never tell you that the outfit you’re wearing is ugly.

While we all believe that our dogs understand our emotions more completely than any other human on the planet, there has been debate over whether dogs are capable of empathy or whether we are just projecting our own emotions onto our dog’s actions.

National Geographic has set out to find which is the case in the series, “Wonder of Dogs.” Studying the reaction of different dogs to a crying woman, the study examines whether the face licks and nose nudges are signs of genuine empathy or simply the dog being curious or confused at the loud outburst.

There might be a deep scientific study to divulge the truth at the center of this phenomenon, but regardless of the outcome, a snuggle with my dogs will forever be the ultimate cure for any sad situation.