75 miles into the ocean off England’s coast, the world’s largest wind farm is almost complete. Once done, it will supply a million UK homes with clean electricity. The Danish company that built the project, Orsted, has 174 wind turbines as part of the farm.

Wind power is free of fossil fuels and clean source of energy. The country’s climate change targets include getting a third of its energy from offshore wind projects by 2030. The government’s Committee on Climate Change has introduced a goal of net zero emissions by 2050 for the country. Wind power is a significant part of the country’s plan to reduce emissions.

The size and scale of this wind project is incredible. The project is the furthest out to sea of any other wind project and is an area larger than Malta. Each turbine can produce 7 megawatts of power and is 100 meters tall with blades that have a circumference of 75 meters.

Wind power grew by 12% in 2018, according to the International Energy Agency. It has also gotten cheaper as technology improves. The company, Orsted, has built 25 offshore wind farms in Europe, Asia and the United States. Three more phases of the United Kingdom plan are underway to provide additional wind power. Britain has become the largest market for Orsted and has 37 offshore wind farms operating.

Emissions have continued to rise, despite plans to the contrary. Orsted’s CEO spoke at the UN Climate Summit, talking about the benefits of wind power. “The renewable energy technologies that we need to fundamentally transform the energy system and radically reduce emissions are at our disposal – and they’re cost-efficient. The significant cost reductions in offshore wind demonstrate how governments setting clear and ambitious targets provide investment visibility for the private sector, which again drives innovation, cost reductions, and large-scale deployment.”

As countries look for ways to meet their emissions reductions target, wind power is increasingly accessible. Read One Green Planet news on Germany’s newly released climate strategy.


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