It may sound cliché but there really isn’t anything that the power of love can’t beat. Every day, we see dozens of stories about abused and neglected animals that have literally been snatched from the jaws of death thanks to humans with open hearts.

Hearing the story of an animal’s recovery can be powerful, but those stories are twice as powerful when you get the chance to see the animals’ transformation with your own eyes.


This poor pooch spent day after day waiting for a loving human to come and rescue him. After a short while with his new family, he was completed transformed!

We can only guess what kind of abuse this pup went through. But all it took was time and love to have him looking downright photogenic!

So many dogs live out their entire lives on the street. But with human intervention, every one of them can end up like this guy.

At first, it looked like this puppy was going to lose her right eye. Thankfully, she got some help from vets just in time and now she has 20/20 vision!

Check out that look of unbridled love in the after photo!

Pit Bulls face more discrimination than any other dog breed. If you know someone that thinks they’re vicious give them one look at this Pittie smile. It’ll definitely change their minds!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve gone to an animal shelter and had the urge to take every one of the animals home. It’s a shame that we can’t do that, but at least we can change the world for a few of them!

This has to be one of the most extreme transformations we’ve ever seen. This dog goes from being at deaths door to being absolutely fabulous!

This last dog is named Makelele. He was a sparing dog; a dog that was used to excite other dogs for illegal dog fights. This photo was taken a year after his rescue. His scars are still visible, but he’s doing well.

Now he lives with his forever family in Chicago!

Each one of these dogs has a heartbreaking story that ends  happily. Just goes to show that a little love goes a long way!

All image source: Imgur