What a tragedy, that the trusting, sweet dispositions that make beagles so popular as pets are the same that make them easy targets for animal testing. At least some labs attempt to find homes for their beagles after research is over, and since 2010, the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) has been placing these dogs in loving homes.

On May 7, the BFP celebrated their 30th rescue, called “Hollywood Hounds” in celebration of four adult beagles they named after Hollywood greats Hitchcock, Hughey, Martin and Burton. Recently rescued from a Southern California lab, these four adult dogs never saw sunlight or felt grass during their time as research subjects.


Watch as these “Hollywood Hounds” run free for the first time, sniffing the ground in amazement and wagging their happy tails. Despite the horrors they endured, their spirits were never broken. These forgiving dogs deserve to be placed in loving homes, and it’s certain they’ll reward their new owners with lots of love and affection.

Image source : Beagle Freedom Project