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one green planet

The Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) is on a roll! Earlier this week, we shared their “Hollywood Hounds” video, and they’ve already posted a new clip about their latest rescue of nine young dogs from a Nevada laboratory.

Like the BFP’s other rescued dogs, these had spent their entire lives in cages as test subjects, never experiencing simple comforts like a run in the grass or an affectionate belly rub. Laboratories would typically euthanize surviving dogs after research, but the BFP gives them hope. Though former test subjects can be challenging pets (at least at first), they welcome the chance to share their love in a new home.

Watch the video to see these nine lucky dogs play for the first time in the abundant yard of a Las Vegas supporter. Though these beagles shared the same horrors in the same place their whole lives, they never met and played together as normal dogs.

As you can see, these sweet pooches never lost their drive to run, socialize and be friends. It never gets old watching these rescues experience joy for the first time.

Image source: Beagle Freedom Project