Christy Becnel was picking up bird feed when she came across a frazzle chicken in serious need of help. Frazzle chickens are generally kept as pets and are admired for their curled feathers. However, while these birds are quite attractive, they, like any other chicken or bird, have specialized needs and require a lot of attention. This little one was found in the back of the bird feed warehouse. Apparently, she had been given up by her guardian a day earlier – with hardly any feathers left on her body. Almost completely bald and broken, it was clear she needed some serious TLC.

Becnel, who has been rescuing birds since she was a little girl, was just the person for the job. The birdie, now named Zazzle, went home with her that day and now has quite the pampered life. She lives in the comfort of Becnel’s home alongside chickens, turkeys, other birds, and even a cuddly cat who adores her feathered family.


After Becnel rescued the little bird, the first stop was the vet. Zazzle was given some medicine to help her feathers grow.

Post-vet visit it was home for some rest and relaxation.

Here’s Zazzle discovering her favorite treats.

Slowly she became more confident.

She wasn’t quite ready to venture outside, so the outside came in for her.

 Cuddles for everyone!

With a craft-maker as a mom, Zazzle discovered that buttons are the most fun, ever.

Zazzle was soon introduced to her feathered family of other rescued chickens. Hello, friends!

She learned the joy of curling up next to the fire with dad and her furry BFF!

So toasty!

Zazzle laid an egg!

Who needs feathers when you’re this good looking?

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All image source: Zazzle the Rescued Frazzle Chicken