Man, we hate flying. There’s the extra long lines at security and then there’s all that hassle with having to take off your shoes just for the privilege of squeezing onto an overfilled airplane for several hours while you watch a grainy movie and munch on the package of seven peanuts they hand out. And, isn’t take off just the worst? It’s hard to narrow down all of the reasons that it’s awful, but we’re going to have to go with the part where a weasel jumps on your back in a sociopathic attempt to eat you.

For the love of all that’s holy, put your tray table in its full, upright position!


Oh, we’re sorry, as it turns out that doesn’t really happen on commercial flights as much it is goes down when a poor, European green woodpecker tries to leave its nest only to be ensnared by an opportunistic weasel. The moment, caught by London photographer Martin Le-May and then tweeted by bird enthusiast Jason Ward, depicts a pretty panic stricken looking woodpecker with an unauthorized passenger on its back.

 I realize that seats have gotten closer together as a money saving tactic for airlines, but this is just pushing it way too far. 

Obligate carnivores, weasels eat prey like birds, mice and even rabbits. They’re also known for sneaking into bird nests and stealing their eggs. While interview requests with the weasel in this picture were declined at time of press, it’s unclear if this woodpecker’s eggs or the woodpecker himself was the intended target of the weasel assault.

Either way, the woodpecker decided mid-flight that this unruly passenger had been enough of a disruption and took things to the ground, canceling mid-flight meal service. Basically, according to Le May, the bird opened an enormous can of whoop ass and both woodpecker and weasel went their separate ways before sky marshals had to be involved.

There isn’t a colonial woman on the wing churning butter, you lunatic! This flight is over!

Ah, nature. Isn’t it just the weirdest thing ever sometimes?


Image Credits: Business Insider