Ever feel like you’re just too small to take on the world? That there’s too big of a hurdle in your way? Well, look no further than this video of Violet, an adorable rescued baby goat who lives at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, for inspiration. It’s this little one’s first day out in the great big world and she’s already tackling mountains! Ok, maybe just a rock, but still, it’s pretty impressive.

Watch as this squee-worthy kid skips her itty bitty legs toward her friend and uses those baby muscles to hike up on a rock. Once she makes it up to the top, she showers her hooman friend with the most precious little kisses and cuddles.

We’re so happy to see Violet getting so much love and care, especially considering that her mother was rescued from a horrendous backyard butcher in October. Sweet Violent will never know the cruelty her mother experienced, and she will continue to climb many mountains, free from harm at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Rock on, little one!