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In the wild, baby elephants love to play with one another. The trouble makers of the herd, these little guys can be seen pulling tails and pestering their friends with a trunk tap, all in good fun though.

These little fellas at Elephant Nature Park are no different. This pair of baby elephants, Navaan and Dok Mai, are quite scrappy.

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation facility for elephants that have fallen prey to poachers and other forms of exploitation in Thailand. The facility has done a magnificent job at recreating a natural environment for these playful elephants to enjoy. While it is unfortunate that they can’t roam freely outside the bounds of a protected area, due to poaching threats, it is wonderful to see whole herds safe and sound in this expansive rehabilitation center.

In this environment, elephants can bond in a herd, relationships that are very important for elephants in the wild. Clearly Navaan and Dok Mai haven’t skipped a beat learning to play with one another and enjoy the company of their elephant friends at Elephant Nature Park.

Image source: Elephant Nature Park